Easy home personalization for property developers

Home customization can now be done online, in a simple and fluid way. Manage the demands easily. Improve your customer experience.

Smart customization management

With our online interface, buyers can do their modification work within the limits of the possibilities that you have fixed. No more errors and exchanges of scans by email.

Communicate with your buyers

We offer an online customer area accessible from all platforms to communicate with your buyers on their personalization and inform them about the progress of the site and calls for funds.

Buy and sell better

Offer visualization and personalization to buyers without it taking you time. We provide you with precise and up-to-date quantities, which allows you to buy better.

Improve the shopping experience

Visuary is a collaborative platform which simplifies the interactions between the stakeholders of a newly build housing construction: buyer, promoter, project manager and builders

The buyers feel neglected between the signing of the reservation contract and the delivery. Offer them a personal account where they can customize their accommodation and follow its construction.

Your customer managers can save a lot of time by managing customization online and writing instant quotes. Everything is visible centrally at a glance.

Corrections made by hand on paper plans are sources of errors, as well as estimates made with approximate quantities. Moving an improperly positioned outlet can be very costly, don’t take that risk.

Offer your customers a real competitive advantage: The visualization and personalization of their apartment in an interactive way. Stand out of the crowd.

The data acquired through the use of the platform, both in the choices of buyers and in their behavior, are precious. Consolidated, these data and the associated statistics are an aid to perfect your offers and prices, as well as to better negotiate your annual supply contracts.

The poor flow of information generates errors and therefore corrections on site, both costly and time-consuming. The organization and proper transmission of information reassures manufacturers and saves time.

A modern shopping experience

Replace time-consuming exchanges with your teams by showing your buyers a 3D model instead of a paper plan, and let them customize it independently.

With paper sales plans

Difficult for buyers to project themselves and express their wishes to you.

15EF5896-D2E8-4C1D-853B-27DC08C7E179Created with sketchtool.

With 3D Housing Visuals

The buyers easily project themselves and you get the technical plans matching their wishes.

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